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Samson S Gate 4


The S Gate 4 is a four channel Expander/Noise
Gate with frequency sensitive triggering, offering unparalleled control and sonic transparency impressing the most critical listeners. Never before have so many features been packed into a single rack space unit with four noise gates - period. The S gate 4 is a powerful tool for live sound and recording, enabling you to clean up your mix by eliminating hums, buzzes, noisy tracks and microphone bleed. S Gate 4ʼs DFT (Dual Filter Trigger) enables pinpoint accuracy by letting you control the exact frequency that will open the gate. A full complement of envelope controls including Threshold, Attack, Release, Hold and Range facilitate a wide range of applications from a subtle clean up of a vocal track, to a drastic effect like gating reverb chambers.

The Samson S gate 4 dynamics processor utilizes the latest technology in gain management design. Here are some of its main features:

  • Full featured, four channel Noise Gate with Expander and Ducker on each channel in a singlespace, 19" rack mount unit.
  • Extensive envelope control including Threshold, Attack, Hold and Release control for each channel.
  • DFT (Dual FilterTrigger) for precise and predictable triggering.
  • Range control for Ducking.
  • Three stage Gate Open and Closed LED display.
  • Key input with Key Listen switch on each channel.
  • Eight Segment Gain Reduction Meter.
  • Stereo Link Switch for channels 1 & 2 and 3 & 4.
  • Advanced circuit design, utilizing low noise operational amplifiers and high quality VCAs.
  • Servo balanced inputs and outputs on XLR and 1/4" connectors.
  • High quality 41 position detent pots and backlit switches.
  • Internal Transformer.
  • Heavy-duty construction providing reliable performance session after session, performance
  • The stylish bead blasted, electric blue anodized front-panel is as easy to read as it is to look at.